Acceptance: Do a Loving Kindness Meditation

Last week, I challenged you to look at yourself in the mirror and practice accepting what you saw. I expected it to be difficult for some people, but I was really surprised by just how much of a struggle it was for so many people. The reactions that were shared in The Happy Tribe were so heartfelt and, in many cases, raw.

It reminded me that acceptance – of ourselves, our bodies, or even just the present moment – takes practice. It’s a process. It gets easier with time, but it can be really, really difficult at first.

So, instead of moving on to another area this week, I want to offer you another tool for practicing acceptance.

This week, I challenge you to spend 20 minutes once a day doing a loving kindness meditation.

You can download the one I use here:

Twenty minutes might seem like a big chunk of time from your daily life, but I believe that the investment will yield great rewards, especially if you do it more than once. This meditation is great for helping you see yourself with more compassion, for pulling you into the present moment, and for strengthening your Acceptance muscle.

I look forward to hearing how this challenge goes for you!

(And remember, these happiness challenges are designed to be experienced rather than accomplished.)


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