“I told her what my staff needed and she totally ran with the presentation.  She was a dream presenter!  Oftentimes, presenters want to present only tidbits of their perfect life; but Britt put herself out there and let us see what ‘real’ life brings to other families. My staff truly felt Britt’s presentation was immediately applicable to their life.”

- Leah Leonard, Principal at Tyro Elementary


“Britt Reints is a breath of fresh air. Her talks inspire and spark positivity. She’s honest, open, and an excellent storyteller. After listening to Britt for just five minutes, you will most certainly look at the world (and your life!) quite differently.”

Kate Stoltzfus 


“What drew me in was her dynamic way of telling a story based on her own experiences. She was engaging, inspiring and really offered us something to take away.”

Deanna Ferrari Tomaselli, President 85 Broads Pittsburgh


“As an entrepreneur, Britt’s talk was a breath of fresh air.  Was very disappointed that my entire team couldn’t be there to hear her speak. She had a great perspective on work-life balance.”

Abe Taleb, Co-Founder ReWork


“A joy to listen to who offers real, uplifting advice that can apply to any audience.”

Tess Carter, Programs Chair Mt. Lebanon Junior Women’s League


“Our members loved hearing your insight and I’ve had a bunch of them tell me they have already started their gratitude journals and are already happier for doing so!”

Erin Loftus, VP of Corporate Relations PITT Women in Business


“My favorite part of your presentation was how “real” you were. You were so “down to Earth” and open with us and we really were able to see the real you!!”

- Deanna Walser, workshop attendee


“LOVED, LOVED, LOVED! your TED talk yesterday! Your message spoke to EVERYONE in that room especially us moms! <3”

@PeaceLoveTea (Tweet)

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“You have a way of explaining things, framing things and just generally painting a visual picture that really, really speaks to me. As someone who has had a number of mentors, more than one therapist and a lot of advise over the years, I am honestly qualified to tell you that you are truly gifted at coaching, teaching and leading.”

Shannon Miller


“Thank you and the Pursuit of Happiness course. It’s giving me a center to stand firm in, while the storms swirl around me.”

@BitingPanda (Tweet)


“She is the most generous, intentional person I’ve found in ages – and wicked funny!”

– Dr. Deborah Gilboa (Tweet)

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“I LOVED your book. I truly cannot wait to share it my friends, family, and clients. Congratulations on a job very well done.”

– Jennifer Pattison, MA LMHC


“I just wanted to say that this is a very brave and authentic book. I’ve followed your blog, and the twists and turns in your life, for years… and to be honest, this is exactly the book I expected you would write, yet it still held surprises for me. Surprises about me. I’ve had these ideas that were so amorphous that I could never quite put them into words.  You put words to some of those ideas, and now with the words, I can see my way through to action steps. That’s huge.”

Judy Schwartz Haley

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