Inspirational Speaker Britt Reints

Inspirational speaker Britt Reints connects with audiences through dynamic storytelling and empowers people to build happier lives. Her keynote speaking and private workshops cover the subjects of happiness, gratitude, and mindfulness.

Sample topics include:

  • What Happy People Know that Stressed People Don’t
  • How to Boost Your Happiness in 10 Minutes a Day
  • 5 Keys to Mindful Living
  • The Power of Gratitude

Britt brings to the stage the same down-to-earth style, irreverent humor, and raw honesty that has made her writing popular for years. (See more clips of Britt speaking on YouTube.)

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Praise for Britt Reints

I told her what my staff needed and she totally ran with the presentation. She was a dream presenter! Oftentimes, presenters want to present only tidbits of their perfect life; but Britt put herself out there and let us see what ‘real’ life brings to other families. My staff truly felt Britt’s presentation was immediately applicable to their life.

Leah Leonard
Principal at Tyro Elementary

My favorite part of your presentation was how “real” you were. You were so “down to Earth” and open with us and we really were able to see the real you!!

Deanna Walser
workshop attendee

Britt was very personable and professional in our meetings leading up to the event. I felt fully confident that her talk would be successful due to the content and energy she produces while speaking. She has a great and relatable stage presence and was able to keep the audiences full attention. Any event would be lucky to have an inspirational speaker like Britt!

Cassandra Utt
Speaker Coordinator for TEDx Grandview Ave

Our members loved hearing your insight and I’ve had a bunch of them tell me they have already started their gratitude journals and are already happier for doing so! Since your presentation I find myself stopping and thinking about why I am doing certain things and it has affected my choices.

Erin Loftus
VP of Corporate Relations, PITT Women in Businesss

Britt’s talk was a breath of fresh air. Was very disappointed that my entire team couldn’t be there to hear her speak. She had a great perspective on work-life balance.

Abe Taleb
Speaker Coordinator, Thrival Festival at Google Pittsburgh

inspirational speaker britt reints

Upcoming Events

Happier Hour with Levo League -Pittsburgh, PA
September 15

The Mom Con, Keynote speaker – Pittsburgh
November 14-15

Sampling of Past Events

TEDx Grandview Ave

Tyro Elementary Teachers Workshop – Lexington, NC

PITT Women In Business – Pittsburgh, PA

Mullen’s Women’s Leadership Network – Pittsburgh, PA

BlogHer PRO – San Francisco, CA

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