Life List

I made this life list as a reminder to always dream courageously. It is a work in progress. If you can help me experience any of these things, please let me know!

  1. Take a bike ride in Cambodia
  2. Go for a gondola ride with my husband in Venice
  3. Live in an apartment in New York City
  4. Visit Paris
  5. Experience Holi in India
  6. Take Emma to a Green Bay Packers game
  7. Paint a picture
  8. See the beaches in Thailand
  9. Wear a dress I made
  10. Photograph the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco 
  11. Spend the night in a luxury “hut” in Maldives
  12. Have a conversation with Jared in a foreign language
  13. Go on a yoga retreat
  14. Help Devin build a machine
  15. Own a cashmere sweater
  16. Spend the night on a beach
  17. Perform in a play (as an adult)
  18. Take a dance class with Jared
  19. Go on a spa retreat with my favorite women
  20. Go on an outdoor adventure retreat
  21. Eat a meal made from food I grew
  22. Hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and camp overnight
  23. Go white water rafting
  24. Have a magazine article published
  25. Appear on national TV
  26. Write a book
  27. Accept a paid speaking engagement
  28. Sell a picture I took
  29. Be quoted in the New York Times
  30. Visit Australia
  31. Hug an elephant
  32. Visit all 50 states
  33. Visit every continent
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