Happiness Tribe

We all want to be happy. It’s in our DNA.

And yet it can feel sometimes like you’re the only one.

Happiness can be a lonely journey

I know how uncomfortable it can be to start actively pursuing happiness. It can feel like your friends and family actually like you less when you get happier. You might even feel weird talking to people about things like happiness challenges and mission statements, even though that stuff interests you.

I get it.

And I also know how great it feels to finally find your tribe.

Like this. It feels just like this.

Like this. It feels just like this.

There is nothing better than finally feeling like you are not crazy. Or alone. Or weird. Your soul takes a deep breath of refreshing air when it gets that first hint of, “ohhh, me too!”

I want my people to get a taste of that!

I want you to know that you fit in.

Join Our Happy Tribe

This is a private Facebook group where we talk about the weekly Happiness Challenges, and where we share our happiness journeys with one another. We chat, we post pictures and ideas, we ask questions, and we support one another in a safe space.

We’re into this happiness stuff, in other words, and we like connecting with other people who are into it, too. We want you to join us.

What you’ll get when you join:

  • Accountability – get the extra kick in the pants you need to actually follow through with the weekly challenges (because most of us do better when someone else is watching).
  • Tools – I don’t barrage the group with tons of common sense articles about happiness. Instead, I occasionally share really great tools, discounts, and resources I come across that can help.
  • Support – happiness is not always easy, and this is a safe place to talk about the road blocks you run into.
  • Connections – research shows that relationships with other people are our main source of happiness. This is a great place to meet people with similar interests (although we come from all walks of life).

Why do we keep this group private?

There is a small membership fee to access this group: just $10 a month.

Real connection requires a little bit of vulnerability, and vulnerability requires a little bit of trust. Privacy is one way we foster that trust. It’s also easier to share you stories when you know everyone else has some skin in the game.

We’re making a safe space.

We’re building a tribe.

We’re challenging one another to be a little happier every day.

And we’re inviting you to join us.

Are you ready to find your people?