The Happiness Challenges

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The nudge you need to be happier in the real world.

You want to be happy. You want to be brave. You want to be authentic and courageous.

But you also have stuff to do. You have bills to pay, chores to get done, relationships to juggle, and a to-do list that seems as never-ending as the laundry pile.

It’s easy for happiness and personal growth to take a backseat.

Do you:

  • Struggle to pay attention to “being happy” in the midst of day-to-day life?
  • Read self-help books but find you’re too busy to make major changes?
  • Start inspirational projects and then fall back into old habits within a few weeks?
  • Want to be more present and grateful but feel stuck in the rut of getting by?

You’re not alone.

Be more present, connected, courageous, and grateful.

When I ask people what prevents them from being happy, the number one answer they give me is real life.

Real life gets in the way.

You read books and Internet articles, each of them telling you a myriad of ways you can be happier, but then responsibilities and daily routines take over and you never get around to doing anything differently. Months and years seem to fly by, and the list of things you’re going to do differently just gets longer.

What if you could fit personal growth into your real life?

Now you can.

The Happiness Challenges are gentle reminders combined with actionable steps that help busy people like you become the very best version of yourself.

Every week, you’ll receive an email with one easy-to-complete mini-goal.

These challenges:

  • Remind you to pay attention to what’s important.
  • Show you practical ways to stretch and grow.
  • Are based on research and real world experience.
  • Are easy to complete, so you can keep up with your busy life.

The happiness challenges are simple, easy, effective, and fun!

Uncover the very best version of yourself.

get started now

You’re not in this alone.

When you sign up for The Happiness Challenges, you’ll also get free membership into the Happiness Tribe (up to $120 value!). This private group is a safe place to get support and encouragement.

Here’s what current members have to say:

“Happiness Challenges keeps me on my happiness journey and is an amazing support system of incredible people who help me see my way through that rare bad day. My favorite part of being a member of this group: Together we motivate each other to be our best selves.”

–Stef P. New York, NY

“In today’s frantic, negative, overwhelming world, Happiness Challenges forces us to pause, appreciate, express gratitude and support our fellow travelers on the happiness trail. … Britt making this possible is a HUGE blessing for me, at a time when I need it most.”

–Melanie L. Reno, NV

When you sign up to receive The Happiness Challenges, your membership in the Happiness Tribe will be free for as long as you’re getting the challenges.

Are you ready to become the person you were always meant to be?

Click the package that’s right for you and get your first challenge today!

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*Risk Free Guarantee. I’m confident that The Happiness Challenges will help you fit happiness into your life. If you don’t agree at any point, send me an email and I’ll refund 100% of your subscription fee (and let you keep the free happiness tribe membership). You have nothing to lose – and a life full of joy and gratitude to gain. Get your first happiness challenge today!