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How to Be Happy When There Is Suffering in The World

happiness and suffering

Do we have to become oblivious to other people’s pain in order to maintain our own happiness?


How to Deal with Negative People

How to Deal with Negative People

We live and work with other people – and sometimes those people aren’t so happy. Learn how to deal with negative people in three steps.


What do you do if you hate feelings?

hate feelings snapshot

An attendee at a happiness workshop asked me “but what if you hate feelings?” I break down exactly what to do if you hate talking about your feelings.


Stop Saying You Should Be Happy

Let Go of You Should Be Happy

Do you think you should be happy because you have a “good life”? Maybe it’s just not the right life for you.


My Response to “It’s Not Fair!”

Life Isn't Fair Screenshot

Do you ever feel like life isn’t fair? Watch this video to hear my thoughts on how to overcome that mental obstacle and get back to focusing on making yourself happy.


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