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Happiness Is Connecting, and Connecting Is Showing Up, Sometimes with Goggles on Your Head


Research says that connections to other people make us happy. Experience says being true to who we are helps us connect.


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3 Questions to Help You Define Happiness

“Happy isn’t a place you arrive at and live there forever and ever.  Passion isn’t something you can find under a rock in your backyard.  They’re just words we use to describe a way of living and feeling and being from one day to the other.” – From this blog’s About page It’s hard to […]


Be Brave: Find out what makes you happy

I believe that one of the biggest obstacles standing between us and happiness is the ability to identify what in the hell it is that makes us happy. How can we pursue happiness if we don’t know what it is? Most adults know that happiness is not universal.  The things that make me smile will […]


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