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Can I Be Fat and Happy?

fat and happy

It’s a struggle to admit that I care about how much I weigh.


The 3 Things I’m Doing Right Now to Be Healthier


I like to make declarations and resolutions; they are so much more exciting than small changes and daily steps. They are, however, infinitely less useful. It’s been the small changes that are actually making a bit of difference.


My Before and “After” Pictures. Really.


I told you there were before pictures. Last Saturday was the very last day of my 12 week challenge.  Jared and I woke up early and I did my very last cardio workout (not, like, forever – but for this program.)  I was pretty freaking proud of that considering this was our first morning on […]


My last week as a turd. Hopefully.

My friend Courtney, who is easily one of the most naturally gorgeous people I know, has talked me into potentially making an ass of myself. Again. You see, Courtney has a baby who is almost a year old now, and she has decided that she is sick and tired of carrying around her extra “baby […]