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Experts Agree: Tuesday is the new Monday when it comes to weekend recaps.


When I fall behind on work stuff, my tendency is to push life aside and throw myself into getting “caught up”.  I can’t stand the idea of letting people down or just barely making a deadline or meeting only the minimum requirements. (Unless we’re talking about laundry.) For the first time in forever, I went […]


Bring On The Sun


I’ve been a little anxious about this upcoming weekend. You see, here in central Florida it’s time for Avitaween – Avitable‘s ginormous Halloween party where about 100 people, including about 30 bloggers who I happen to adore, gather in costumes for a night of fun and ridiculous behavior. See? A completely rational reason to be […]


The Ocean Doesn’t Care


“It doesn’t matter if you go to the ocean to fill up a thimble or a bucket, the ocean doesn’t care” – Wayne Dyer There is no better place to ask questions than beside the ocean. Because the ocean doesn’t care. You can wade into the ocean fat and white, with puckered thighs and dimpled […]


What Now?

I’m sitting on a fourth floor balcony overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.  I’m looking at the beach, listening to the waves, but I haven’t stepped foot on it yet. I haven’t stepped foot much of anywhere this weekend.  It’s after 3:00 on Saturday afternoon and I’ve left my hotel room exactly once to steal coffee from […]


7 Things I Learned This Weekend That Have Nothing To Do With Self Esteem


Because my God I am tired of looking at that other post. 1.  The words “another round” are from Satan himself. 2.  Especially when they are said by someone else and yet, somehow, include you. 3.  Especially if you do not drink as much – or as quickly – as the person saying “another round” […]