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How Diana Got Her Groove Back (And Found Her Passion)

havanese clyde and hunter

Diana went searching for a pet to fill her empty nest; she found a passion and sense of purpose.


How Can I Be Less Selfish?

looking out

How do you keep your perspective more out than in? I’m struggling with selfishness.


Very quickly… how it went

Thank you for the emails and the comments waiting to find out how last night’s Obama event went for me. Here’s the recap: I didn’t have to phone bank. You can only call until 8:30 at night, and by the time everyone got there and got introduced and fed, it was pretty close to the […]


How To Get Organized If You’re A Better Woman Than Me

Allow me to share with you how a recent letter from an Internet company left me feeling like a horrible mother: Hi Britt, As Moms, we all participate in so many groups and activities that it can be hard to keep everything straight. From volunteering as a classroom Mom to coaching your son or daughter’s […]