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How to Teach Yourself Confidence

how to feel more confident

If you want to have a greater faith in your abilities, make a habit of feeling confident by doing what you’re good at.


The Power of Peace

costa rica the power of peace

Understanding how a Central American country survives without an army could help you define happiness on your own terms.


Learning How to Do Nothing (Yet)

sleep on it

Sometimes doing a job well means doing nothing for a little bit. And that sucks.


Where will we live in 2012?


I thought that coming home would give me a chance to regroup mentally, to stabilize a bit before heading back on the road to continue our grand adventure. Instead, this detour to Iowa has given me more questions to consider about what comes next. As the time for setting resolutions approaches, I find that I […]


Living Without Trust. Or Control.

It wasn’t easy for me to make the decision to trust again. He asked for one more chance, and I counted up all the one more chances that had already been given.  And blown.  I sat in the dark with the fear and the doubt and the uncertainty.  I got lost inside my own head, […]


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