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Are you looking for a little more happiness & inspiration? Perfect! You’re in the right place. Join the free In Pursuit of Happiness newsletter and get: An instant freebie: 7 audio affirmations you can listen to in the morning. A weekly(ish) email from me with personal stories and practical tips to help you be happier. VIP […]


Are You Leaving a Trail You Can Be Proud Of?

trail in the rainforest

Every day we drop crumbs that will become our legacy.


Happiness Highlights: a Wicked Twitter Tale

What gave you happy tears this week?


The Value Of A Big Fat Goal

Today I got a lesson in goal setting. Specifically?  How doing it helps you to not freak the fuck out when you realize your income will be cut in half in less than a month. So, we’ve got this big fat goal.  Needless to say, taking a really long “vacation” requires some cash.  Not near […]


Miss Britt Soup – the moving on out edition

I know that you would follow every word I said if you could, but time is limited in your busy life.  It’s not easy to be everywhere I am all. the. time.  I know. Lucky for you, I have once again gathered the highlights of awesome things I have said that you might have missed […]