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My Cancun Story


On a recent trip to Cancun, I learned that the stories of places evolve just like the stories of people.


My 5 Favorite Places in America

New York taxis

These are the places I wish everyone could visit at least once.


Costa Rica: The “Happiest Country in the World?”

Costa Rica Beach

Our visit to Costa Rica was dubbed a “gift of happiness” by the tourism board that provided it to us. I don’t know if happiness can be given, but the week we spent touring the mountains and rainforests of this Central American paradise was indubitably one of the best in recent memory.


Happiness Highlights: The #BlogHer11 Edition

I’ve been in San Diego since Wednesday for BlogHer ‘11, a massive blogging conference that I’ve been attending annually since 2009. Like the picture above, it was a blur of happiness, awesome, and sweat. It was both a confidence boost and a payoff for several years of hard work. It was a mixture of culminations […]


Two Months on the Road

It’s official. We’ve been traveling for two months. For two months, we’ve been living in an RV, moving from town to town, making our way up the East Coast of the United States. For two months, we’ve shared a small living space, a space where we sleep, eat, work, and play together. A space that […]