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The Gift of Time

the gift of time

This post (and this trip) is made possible in part by the generosity of our book sponsors. If there’s one thing I’ve learned and relearned during almost six months on the road, it’s this: the place and the things and even the food are secondary to the people. The people with whom you spend the […]


How To Stop Doing Things You Don’t Like – Part 2

This is the second post in a series about “How To Stop Doing Things You Don’t Like.” The first can be found here. The less time you spend doing things that you don’t enjoy, the more time you have to pursue your passions and create a life you love. The less time you spend doing […]


How To Stop Doing Things You Don’t Enjoy – Part 1

I wrote a post in January about choosing quality over quantity in three areas of your life: your relationships, your stuff, and your time. In that post, I said: Choosing quality over quantity does not mean getting a lot done. What it does mean is spending as much of your time as possible doing what […]


Inspired by Moneé to Do What We Want

I met Moneé in Baltimore last November when I was invited for a press tour. She is a Travel Media Manager for VisitBaltimore, which means she helped organize all of the details of the trip for myself and the other writers who were in town for the tour. Her job was to sell me on […]


How Quality Over Quantity Can Make You Happier

I am not a minimalist. I run a shopping blog, I can’t seem to stop buying shoes, and I have two dining room tables and two china cabinets in my home. Granted, I’m working on getting rid of dang near everything I own, but that’s mainly because I want to be able to travel full […]