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What Happiness Looks Like: Purvi Shah and Kids & Art

Britt and Purvi in San Francisco, October 2013

Purvi Shah lost one of her children to cancer, and yet she shares with us insights about happiness.


There’s No Such Thing as a Tipping Point

“What made you decide to start this pursuit of happiness?” It’s a simple question, one I should expect from interviewers by now, but when I was asked it this week I was left without a response. Perhaps it was the way it was phrased this time, or maybe it was the distance between today and […]


On Faces And Eyes, Specifically Mine.

It was a mistake.  An error in a shipping label or a database glitch, maybe, but a mistake for sure. And yet this completely coincidental accident seemed anything but coincidental. **** It was odd for me to email her.  Although we’ve met once and I’ve written about her here, Karen and I aren’t close friends. […]


Day 3 of 30 – What do I have to forgive myself for?

Oh how the title of this post alone must make some people salivate. The list of things that others have forgiven me for is long and impressive.  I have ripped hearts from chests and been greeted with a loving embrace in response.  I have had to resort to Confession by Numbers in order to save […]



My mother says that we, she and I, are “brightly colored people”. My friends have described me as fiery and passionate. My husband, I suspect, just wishes I wasn’t such a bitch sometimes. And no, he would never actually call me a bitch.  I’m not even sure he’s ever gone so far as to say […]