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In Which I Ask You To Stand By Me Through BlogHer

In two days I leave for BlogHer. I swear, I can actually hear most of you groaning. Sure, there are a handful of you who read this blog who will also be attending BlogHer.  And maybe you are just as excited and nervous as I am.  I’m certain you are. But the rest of you, […]


And this is where YOU come into the story…

If you come to this blog on a regular basis, you know that I went to TequilaCon in Philadelphia last weekend. And by now, if you have any interest in blogger drunkenness, you’ve no doubt read recap after recap all over the Internet. I want to tell you about what you won’t see in the […]


Miss Britt Does Philly: A Photo Essay

This may come as a surprise, but apparently there is more to Philadelphia than traffic and booze. In fact, Philadelphia is kind of a big deal in the grand scheme of things where things = American History. At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling me. I decided I had to spend Saturday nursing a hangover […]


Miss Britt Goes To TequilaCon: A Photo Essay

So, as you might have heard, I went to a little blogger get together called TequilaCon on Friday. Here’s how it went down: At about 12:45, Avitable and I boarded a plane from Orlando heading to Philadelphia. Of course, we kissed our loved ones good by from our iPhones first. The bad thing about traveling […]


Is This Home? Nah. It’s just Florida.

Dear Fellow TequilaCon 08 Attendees, It was amazing to meet you. What a fucking crap load of fun you all are. Seriously. I really think we need to make this an event that happens far more frequently than once a year. XOXO The Crazy Blonde Chick In Yellow Dear Sheraton Homies, I miss you so […]


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