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Who remembers when I was funny?

life list in progress

I used to be funny. Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you.  I was funny.  I may have been crude and abrasive, but damn it, I was funny. I hate coming to this blog right now because the last post is always “OH! HI!  Let me tell you about my health!” and I […]


How To Subscribe To A Podcast in iTunes. No. Really.

Karen asked me how to subscribe to a podcast in iTunes. As someone who does a weekly Internet radio show, I guess she thought that was information I should have. I promptly responded that “uh. Hmmm. Er. Um. I’ll look that up and get back to you.” Because I? Am a very professional radio show […]


Snackiepoo – Clearly, You’re Retarded

Monday, Hilly wrote a post that broke my heart. Confessions of a Blogger Who Is Not A Mommy was an interesting look at what adult women who have not had kids encounter in their relationships with other women.  It hurt my heart to think of this beautiful person being identified for something she is not […]


It’s Hard Out Here For A Prude.*

*OR: The post that makes my step mom wish she hadn’t given this blog URL to everyone in my dad’s office. Heh. (Hi, Tina! Sorry, Dad!) You people are a bunch of freaks. Seriously. Sometimes I swear I am the only woman left who has sex in the dark. At night. At bed time. In […]


So… we’re going to talk about abortion

I wonder how many people won’t click through to read this post once they see the title in their feed reader. I wonder how many people will read it out of morbid curiosity, but refuse to comment because “that’s just one of those things I don’t discuss with people”. I don’t get that. I’ve heard […]