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Me, Myself, and My Money Issues

I have never had an easy relationship with money. When I was a kid and my family was very poor, I thought of little more than how much it sucked to have so little of it. When I was a little older and my family was less poor, I hated that my mom wouldn’t allow […]


How to Make a Budget (Even if You Hate Making Budgets)

I have started roughly 138 budgets in my life. Approximately. I hated every single one of them. I always thought of a budget as a diet for my money, a strict set of rules about what I could and couldn’t eat spend. Making a budget left me feeling deprived and angry, and wondering how in […]


On Using The Envelope System

Two months ago, Jared and I started using the envelope system to monitor our monthly spending. Well, actually, two months ago I accidentally locked all of my money into a safe. But as soon as Jared came home with the spare key, we started using the envelope system.  Basically, I sit down at the beginning […]