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Depression Is Not A Lack of Gratitude

the fog

Depression is not an attitude problem. Depression is a health issue.



I have been waiting for this stop, this city, for a year – since the last time I was here. New York City. It is, to date, my favorite place in the world. And I am sick. I want to cry about the unfairness of me being sick in my favorite place in the world. […]


Cool and Uncool.

Things That Are Not Cool: >> Having both of your children sick at the same time. >> Waking up in the middle of the night to find one of your children throwing up in your bed.  On your sheets. >> Having to change the sheets in the middle of the night while one of your […]


I’m doing the happy syndrome dance. But not with popcorn.

Ladies and gentleman, we have a diagnosis. If you haven’t been following the seemingly never ending saga of what the fuck is up with Miss Britt’s health, this post will make no sense and be of no interest to you. But for the rest of you – who have listened to me whine, bitch, moan […]


How To Fail At Motherhood Before 9 AM

He doesn’t usually crawl into bed with me. That should have been a sign. “Devin, what are you doing?” I asked as the alarm blared again and I realized my nine year old son was snuggled into his father’s side of the bed. “I’m tired.  My leg hurts.” “It’s time to get up, buddy.” He […]