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Step 1: Stop Shopping

So, yes.  Jared and I are talking about traveling for an extended period of time as a family. Although talking is probably not the right word.  We’ve exchanged a few emails that contained mostly sentence fragments. (Which, by the way, is not always the best idea.  Apparently “want to leave for year. travel.” is not […]


Oops. I Forgot To Give This Post A Title. Because It Is That Damn Good.

The process of being happy is doing what you love

The kids left Friday morning. Red Eye movie download By Friday night, Jared and I were ready to walk on the wild side. We headed out for a romantic dinner at the local sports bar.  Because nothing says romance and wild and crazy like a place with big screen TVs and free face painting on […]


Goodbye Cymbalta, Hello Shopping Marathon

The condensed version of this post is, basically: I had a good weekend. The long version is: Wednesday night I took my last Cymbalta.  My primary care doctor recommended I switch my anti-depressants in order to fix everything that was wrong with me.  My endocrinologist explained that yeah, actually, Lexapro is probably a better drug […]


A fate worse than spandex. A photo essay.

I have discovered something worse than shopping for jeans. No. Wait. I have discovered something worse than shopping for swimsuits. Last night, I spent roughly 4 hours cleaning out my closet. Oh, yes. That is worse than getting in miniature spandex in a 4 x 4 room with nothing but you, a mirror and really […]