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How Renting Makes Me Re-Evaluate Who I Am


I’ve been surprised to learn how much the label homeowner meant to me. What other labels do we value?


On Secure Women – and becoming one

I have often thought that keeping my self esteem in check was essential for keeping my friends. In other words, no one likes someone who likes themselves. At least, that’s what I’ve been telling myself on some level.  And to be honest, that’s what I’ve been told in so many words over and over again for […]


I wonder why you don’t hate me.

It started happening when I was in highschool. I’d be hanging out with my friends on the gym floor, our books and papers scattered around us on the half court line of the basketball floor, our teenage limbs sprawled across coats and bags. We were supposed to be doing homework and waiting our turn, but […]


By honesty I guess I meant lie your asses off please

Remember how I said “go here and tell me about me and here and tell me about me and it will be fun and I won’t care – WOOOOOO!”? Yeah. Um. Apparently I’m a big fucking baby. (and now I’m going to blog about it. shit. kill me now.) ANYway, of course I was checking […]