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STOP! 5 Things You Should Know Before You Buy Another Self-Help Book


Before you invest your time and money on another self-help book, there are a few things you should.


The Happiness Challenges

In-Pursuit-of-Happiness-Challenges small graphic

You want to be happy. You want to be grateful. You want to be authentic and courageous. But you also have stuff to do. You have bills to pay, chores to get done, relationships to juggle, and a to-do list that seems as never-ending as the laundry pile. It’s easy for happiness and personal growth […]


You Can’t Be Happy If You Run From Your Feelings

stop running from your feelings

I used to ask my therapist what I was supposed to do with all of my bad feelings. “Feelings aren’t good or bad,” she’d say. “Feelings just are. The only thing you can do is feel them.” She was only partly right, as it turns out. The other thing I can do is run from them – but that never seems to work out very well for me.