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The Downside of Gratitude


There’s a dark side to the gratitude movement that few people seem willing to recognize, and it’s how gratitude can often give rise to guilt and self recrimination.


Can I Be Fat and Happy?

fat and happy

It’s a struggle to admit that I care about how much I weigh.


Actually, You Do NOT Have to Love Yourself to Be Loved By Others


Conventional wisdom says that you have to love yourself before anyone else can love you. But in practice, being loved helped me learn how to love myself.


Get Busy Loving Those Who Love You

loving people who love me

I saw this quote on Pinterest some time ago and it struck a nerve. Not a “yeah, that’s right!” nerve, but an “Oh, shit. I don’t do that and I should” nerve. A few days letter I read a post by Kim at She was talking about the unequal distribution of attention given to […]


Are Gratitude and Worthiness Conflicting Values?

Not all values are created equal. Or rather, not all values  have equal importance in our lives. But how can we tell which ones matter most to us – and what do we do if there’s a conflict? How do we choose between two really great ideas? I’ve found that a great way to discover […]


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