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Everything I Know About Love I Learned From My Separation

Britt and Jared

I hope I never forget what I learned about love from almost getting divorced.


Learning The Dance. Again.

We’re supposed to be discovering new surfaces on which to have sex. That’s what people do when their kids leave town.  At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling us. We’ve spent the first week staring at one another.  And fighting a lot.  And trying to remember just what in the hell we have in common.  […]



We almost never do anything for Valentine’s Day. I almost always end up disappointed because I like to set my expectations high and assume that history is no way to accurately predict future results. Sure, he’s never bought flowers, but this will be the year he springs for sky writing! (By the way, sky writing? […]


Nice Guys Finish Last, Go Team Edward, And This Is A Literary Pile Of Poo. Yay.

This not another post about Twilight. Not exactly. But if you’re absolutely sick of all the Twilight buzz, I am going to ask you to just bear with me for a moment as I give you a little bit of necessary background information which is relevant to the rest of this discussion. In a nutshell: […]


How Twilight Changed My Life

I resisted at first. “I’m just not into that goth crap,” I insisted months ago when people suggested I read a novel about vampires. “I’m damn near 30, thank you very much,” I scoffed when I heard grown women were swooning over books written for teenage girls. “Thanks, but no thanks,” I told Avitable when […]