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This digital mom is giving away sex toys. So there.

If you’re looking for something for free, scroll to the bottom of this post. Lazy bastards. I mentioned last week that I decided to launch a review site about the things women buy and the things women want to buy. I have to assume that, if you’re anything like me, you gave at least a […]


How many times should a girl have to say she is not porn?

You know, you use the word vagina a few times and suddenly everyone thinks you’re a porn site. Seriously. First, it was Panera bread. If you try to access this site using the free wi-fi provided at any Panera location, you’ll get a message that it is blocked due to inappropriate material. Of course, if […]


He’s Just Not That Into You Soundtrack Giveaway

What do you mean you have a giveaway for the soundtrack to the movie He’s Just Not That Into You, Britt? Didn’t you already post today, Britt? Ah. Yes. Yes, I did. And I may have mentioned something about deadlines and missing them and dropping balls left and right. *sigh* Insert example of things falling […]


How To Get Organized If You’re A Better Woman Than Me

Allow me to share with you how a recent letter from an Internet company left me feeling like a horrible mother: Hi Britt, As Moms, we all participate in so many groups and activities that it can be hard to keep everything straight. From volunteering as a classroom Mom to coaching your son or daughter’s […]


The Greatest Show On Earth. Seriously.

I am a very important, serious blogger. Because I am a very important, serious type blogger, companies trust me to do very important, serious type reviews for them. I take this responsibility very… uh.. seriously.  And importantly.  No, wait.  Just seriously. ANYway, Mom Central – knowing how very important and serious I am – sent […]


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