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Who’s in Charge of Your Dream Coming True?


Filmmaker Jeff Leisawitz tells the story of what happened when he stopped waiting to be picked.


Facing My Fear of The Silence

bird flying

How I’m walking through my fear of vulnerability in order to tackle my next projects.


What I Didn’t Learn About Rejection From Metallica

This week has been filled with angst, rejection, insecurities, and pity parties at my house. All of them mine. I’ve worried that “nothing will work”, that I’m “not good enough”, and that I’m “putting myself out there for nothing.” I considered not bringing any of this up, because none of it is very positive or […]


Pushing Past Popularity. Or Fear (but that didn’t start with a P)

I feel like I’m going to throw up. Or maybe hyperventilate. On the plus side, self-urination does not seem to be among the imminent responses to my anxiety.  Yee-ha for progress. I’m telling myself that writing this will not help; it may actually make my problem worse, since cool people do not blather on about feeling […]


When families collide.

Family is everything to me. Everything. It is the beginning and the end of who I am, where I come from, and where I want to end up in life. So having my husband be on a completely different page than me when it comes to what family means is hard.  Beyond hard.  It’s fucking […]


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