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The Horrible, Awful, No-Good Dark Side of Chasing a Dream

the dark side of dreams

Doubt and despair are as inevitable as they are awful when you’re halfway between what you know and what you’ve dreamed about.


You Are Not a Flake

you are not a flake

Have you ever sat up at night planning how you were going to tell your spouse about your latest scheme? Do you refer to your dreams and goals as schemes, or imagine that other people do? Do you wait to share your ideas until you’ve come up with the perfect justification for changing course, confident […]


My last week as a turd. Hopefully.

My friend Courtney, who is easily one of the most naturally gorgeous people I know, has talked me into potentially making an ass of myself. Again. You see, Courtney has a baby who is almost a year old now, and she has decided that she is sick and tired of carrying around her extra “baby […]