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How to Deal with Negative People

How to Deal with Negative People

We live and work with other people – and sometimes those people aren’t so happy. Learn how to deal with negative people in three steps.


Happiness Interview with My Friend Sam Laffey

sam laffey happiness interview

Sam reminds us that happiness is part of a bigger picture that needs constant care.


Happiness Coaching

What is happiness coaching? A coach is someone who works with you to help you reach your potential and achieve your goals. You can hire many different types of coaches depending on the goals you want to achieve. A basketball coach, for example, can help you be a better basketball player. A happiness coach helps […]


Announcing the New Pursuit of Happiness eCourse

happiness ecourse

A new course that walks you through the work of creating your own recipe for happiness.


Happiness Highlights: Gratitude Among the Busy

enjoy the journey

Busy does not necessarily translate to happy anymore for me. The lack of time and connection makes it easy to forget what I’m grateful for.


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