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The Feminine Success Model

success circle

I think many of us have been thinking about success all wrong, and it’s time for a major shift.


How to Stop Worrying About Everyone Else\'s Happiness


How do you stop worrying about whether your friends and family are happy? You know you should, but HOW?


How to Ask for Help

I want to teach my children to be resourceful. I want them to be independent and self-reliant, able to make their way in the world and confident of that fact. But I also want them to know how to ask for help. I struggle with asking for help. It makes me feel weak, vulnerable, and […]


When Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone Sucks

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have already guessed that this post is about the party/networking event I attended at a bar in Orlando on Friday night. If you don’t follow me on Twitter (or do and just missed it), let me fill you in: Yeah. Why would a 31-year old woman drive […]



I have been feeling the stress the last couple of weeks. I told myself it was normal. I took the necessary steps to maintain my sanity – eating right, sleeping, shutting off the computer at night when I could not write one more damn word. I tried to be patient with myself. But I still […]