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If you pretend like you’re their grandma, you’ll LOVE this.

a dream cannot be too big or too small

On Sunday we – meaning me, Jared, Devin and Emma – set out for a day of fall festivities at a local pumpkin patch.  The temperatures  here in Florida were actually fall like, and it was the first family outing we would all be on together since before Hell Month.  I grabbed two camers to […]


The Ocean Doesn’t Care


“It doesn’t matter if you go to the ocean to fill up a thimble or a bucket, the ocean doesn’t care” – Wayne Dyer There is no better place to ask questions than beside the ocean. Because the ocean doesn’t care. You can wade into the ocean fat and white, with puckered thighs and dimpled […]


Oh happy day!!

Today is going to be a good day. Never mind that I just spilled half a cup of coffee on my dry clean only jacket and I’m going to be meeting a room full of strangers later today while wearing a stained jacket. Never mind that. Today is going to be a great day. First, […]


How To Subscribe To A Podcast in iTunes. No. Really.

Karen asked me how to subscribe to a podcast in iTunes. As someone who does a weekly Internet radio show, I guess she thought that was information I should have. I promptly responded that “uh. Hmmm. Er. Um. I’ll look that up and get back to you.” Because I? Am a very professional radio show […]


Picture Me Rollin’

According to my very reliable sources, the weather in Charleston, South Carolina this weekend should include plenty of rain. I am planning to do quite a bit of walking – rain or no rain – around Charleston. Thankfully, I’m prepared. See you Monday!