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With Bated Breath

“Every eye fixed itself upon him with parted lips and bated breath the audience hung upon his words taking no note of time rapt in the ghastly fascinations of the tale” -Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer And now we wait. All of them, all of us, to see if it is possible. To see the dream […]


Very quickly… how it went

Thank you for the emails and the comments waiting to find out how last night’s Obama event went for me. Here’s the recap: I didn’t have to phone bank. You can only call until 8:30 at night, and by the time everyone got there and got introduced and fed, it was pretty close to the […]


I Refuse To Tolerate Gays

I’ve been thinking about this post for almost two weeks now, waiting to see if the anger would subside. I don’t write well when I’m angry – or at least, I don’t always write clearly. And I was hoping that if the fury would calm itself, then maybe I would be able to say something […]


Why I Cling To Hope.

I know no one wants to hear anymore about politics. I know. Let me, instead, tell you about my broken heart. I am 28 years old, born in 1980. I have heard stories about the 70′s. I’ve read about the 60′s. I’ve seen Martin Luther King, JR. and John F. Kennedy speak via old newsreels […]


Yes, We Can

I rarely post viral videos. It is unusual for me to repost someone else’s words. And there’s a good chance that you’ve already seen this anyway. But if you haven’t, you should. I don’t care who you vote for. It doesn’t matter what your opinions are on the war or health care or social security […]


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