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A Song About Mistakes

the oh hellos

A song by The Oh Hellos inspires me.


Let’s just wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

You know what the world needs? More wiggling. More people who know that they are sexy. More LMFAO.


Shine Away

From Vikki in a comment on this blog: “Isn’t it time you got over how fragile you are? We’re all waiting, waiting for your supernova, because that’s who you are and you’ve only begun to shine. This song always reminds me to ask myself, “what if?” What if you stopped doubting yourself? What might be possible?” The […]


It’s Okay Not To Be Okay

“It’s okay not to be okay” – Jessie J, Who You Are Sometimes happiness is hard. It’s ironic, I know. Shouldn’t happiness be easy? It can be. But I don’t believe we can remain happy without dealing with seasons of doubt and struggle. Living an authentic, happy life requires progress and adaptation, which are just […]


On Parenting and Dance Parties in Living Rooms

I don’t know if other mothers do this, but I’m constantly thinking about how my children will remember their childhoods. We’ll be in the middle of our lives, and suddenly I see it all as a snapshot.  I look at the people and the surroundings, the faces and the details of what we’re wearing, and […]