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The Surprising Truth About Negativity and Motivation

remember what you're running from

Negativity can be an even more powerful motivator than positive thinking.


How to Stop Talking and Start Doing

Sometimes we need to remember to stop and soak up the moment we’re in. Quit thinking about the next big thing and just celebrate where we are right now. Sometimes we need to pay attention to the colors of today, lest we miss out on what’s real because of our obsession with what could be. […]


The Week Of Meh

I completed the second week of my 12 week Body-For-Life challenge. Meh. I didn’t feel the same jubilant sense of accomplishment I felt after finishing my first week.  I was proud that I managed to hop right back into routine on Monday morning after my first “free day” last Sunday, but beyond that… meh. I […]