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The First Draft of The Big Map

Ladies and Gentleman, we have a map. We also have a little bit of a Classic Miss Britt Freak Out as I try to figure out how in the heck we will get it all done. We have a list of places we want to see in the United States. We have a list of […]


Miss Britt Soup – the moving on out edition

I know that you would follow every word I said if you could, but time is limited in your busy life.  It’s not easy to be everywhere I am all. the. time.  I know. Lucky for you, I have once again gathered the highlights of awesome things I have said that you might have missed […]


Miss Britt Soup

Good Job

I know that you would follow every word I said if you could, but time is limited in your busy life. I respect your time and business as well as your desire not to miss anything awesome that I might have said during the week.  Because I respect you and appreciate your love for me, […]


Remember those shoes you didn’t buy that now match everything you own? It’s like that.

I still remember them. They were the perfect shade of gray, exactly what I’d been dreaming about for months.  The slouch at the ankle was perfect; the heel height was sexy but comfortable.  I started at them through the window for several minutes before finally walking into the store so that I could run my […]



Inspired by Finn, and Vanity Fair. Miss Britt and the Proust Questionnaire: What is your most marked characteristic? My need to be heard, which is really secondary to my need to be understood. What is the quality you most like in a man? Excellence.  In anything.  I used to believe it was ambition, but the […]


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