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Book Suggestion: Minimalist Parenting


A good book for parents who want to figure out how to slow down while still living a modern life.


Two Good Enough Parties

party decorations

Throwing two parties in one weekend proved that our best was good enough. Even fun.


Trying to Live Simply in A Real Home


I sort of backed into minimalism as a means to happiness. Before hitting the road last summer, we sold most of our possessions in order to raise money for our trip and eliminate the need to pay for storage while we traveled. In the process, I discovered and frequently espoused the benefits of owning less […]


How Stuff Can, Actually, Make You Happy

I was excited about coming to Pittsburgh, but I was nervous about coming to Becky’s house. Becky has always described herself as being “one box away from a hoarder.” Jared’s been watching Hoarders – those houses do not look like they’d be fun to visit. Of course, people joke about their eccentricities all the time […]


How Quality Over Quantity Can Make You Happier

I am not a minimalist. I run a shopping blog, I can’t seem to stop buying shoes, and I have two dining room tables and two china cabinets in my home. Granted, I’m working on getting rid of dang near everything I own, but that’s mainly because I want to be able to travel full […]