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Fueling Up The Self Worth Tank

From the oh so wise Poppy: “Soooooo, here’s the challenge: Fill up someone else’s self worth tank. Let’s say nice things about how awesome each other is so that we feel like our existence on this planet is not a waste of space, time, and energy. If you’re strong enough to say nice things about […]


The RAP Sheet: Hello. Ha ha. Narf.

You may remember from earlier this year… Blogging was made for bitching. Whether it’s about slow drivers, unruly children, or spouses who can’t seem to pick up their own underwear, the blogosphere is constantly atwitter with our gripes. And while we would in no way suggest you stop bitching, once in a while it’s nice […]


A Blogger Christmas: A Photo Essay

Last night when I got home from work, I noticed something was… different. Oooh! It’s a box! And look… Whatever could it be? Let’s open it and find out! And in the box there was No, really. And inside the card… we have… Awwww. Cards for everyone! So, let’s get back to ME. It didn’t […]