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Why It’s Good to Have a Comfort Zone

comfort zone

You need time in your comfort zone between seasons of growth and change.


Beneath The Surface

I keep thinking about all those stupid metaphors that talk about the work that goes on beneath the surface. The graceful duck that glides along the surface of a pond, furiously paddling its webbed feet underneath the water… The deceptive iceberg with its notorious tip, only hinting at the massive destruction it’s capable of… We’re […]


Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina (or Internet) (or Mom)

I am not a victim. Since Monday, I have been overwhelmed with emails, text messages, voice mails and twitters of concern. I’m sorry, the say. Are you OK?, they ask. And every time I read or hear those words, I cringe a little at having evoked a misplaced surge of encouragement. Don’t be sorry, I […]