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A Good Life


What I learned from my Papa about living a good life.


Marriage Counseling 101: The Dialogue

We’d spent our first session introducing ourselves and covering our individual backgrounds and medical histories while sitting next to each other on a small couch.  When we walked into our second marriage counseling session, we found two chairs set up a few feet apart facing one another. This was, apparently, the proper setting for The […]


I should have said…

“Are you nervous or excited?” I asked. Jared looked up from his half of the admissions packet we were filling out for our new marriage counselor.  He shrugged one shoulder and contorted his lips the way he always does when he doesn’t want to talk about something.  If he could have disappeared into the brown […]


Dinner With The Past. Oh, and old sex dreams (

“Hey, Smiley,” he said as he folded his 6 foot plus frame into the front seat of my two door convertible. Smiley, he said.  And I did.  And in the same instant I forgot about how I had just spent the 30 minute drive over to his hotel wishing I had cleaned out my car.  […]


Learning The Dance. Again.

We’re supposed to be discovering new surfaces on which to have sex. That’s what people do when their kids leave town.  At least, that’s what everyone keeps telling us. We’ve spent the first week staring at one another.  And fighting a lot.  And trying to remember just what in the hell we have in common.  […]


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