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As of about two o’clock this morning, I am officially the mother of a ten year old. Ten. One Zero. It now takes two whole digits to accurately describe him.  Or rather, his age.  It obviously takes more than mere numerals to describe the rest of him. As we drove to Walt Disney World yesterday […]


On Parenting and Dance Parties in Living Rooms

I don’t know if other mothers do this, but I’m constantly thinking about how my children will remember their childhoods. We’ll be in the middle of our lives, and suddenly I see it all as a snapshot.  I look at the people and the surroundings, the faces and the details of what we’re wearing, and […]


Yes, there was an $800 bill

I have to be honest with you. I’m really behind from the quick trip down to Miami and my head is… well… fucked, at the moment. A good friend has finally made the decision to accept hospice care, and it’s difficult not to think or write about everything through the murky film of that news. […]