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Sometimes We Forget How We Changed The World


We have such power to change lives with our words, and usually we don’t even realize we’re doing it.


The Guilt

We never believe our own mothers. She tells us the world is round, and we roll our eyes at the very idea that she would know anything about the size or shape of the world.  But when Mrs. Smith shows you a globe, you believe, and you run home to tell your mother what you […]


Truth In Blogging: Some People Are Bitches

I’m not perfect. None of you are surprised to hear that, I know.  But my point is that not only am I not perfect, but I have no desire to appear perfect.  Not to you or anyone. There’s too much pressure in perfection.  Besides, most people know it’s a lie, don’t they?  I know I […]


Because “You Make Perfect Sense” is already taken.

We wiped away our tears, signaling the end of our counseling session. “I just want to say,” her voice was the exact same tone and volume that it always is, “that you guys make perfect sense.” My eyes flew from my twiddling thumbs to his face.  His lips twitched as he tried to suppress a […]


Marriage Mad Lib

My husband and I did this exercise during last week’s marriage counseling session. I thought it was interesting, and announced mid session that I’d be featuring Marriage Mad Lib on my blog.  My marriage counselor laughed and Jared shook his head the way that he always does when I announce that something is going to […]