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How Diana Got Her Groove Back (And Found Her Passion)

havanese clyde and hunter

Diana went searching for a pet to fill her empty nest; she found a passion and sense of purpose.


Why It Is NOT Better to Give than Receive

giving and receiving

When you start questioning Bible verses, you know you’re in trouble. And yet, I am questioning the wisdom of a well-known bit of scripture: It is better to give than to receive. Over the last few weeks, and with a little trepidation about errant lightning bolts, I’ve decided I disagree. It seems to me that […]


Today I Choose Enough

For the first time since I began freelance writing a few years ago, I’m having a slow month. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter, you know that I’m usually working too much, battling too many deadlines too close to the wire. I work a lot; it’s just what I do. And now all […]


Developing Happiness Habits

One of the things that’s contributing to my stress lately is a complete and total lack of routine. Ironically, I took this trip in part to get away from some routines, but not because I think all routine is bad. I just wanted to be able to choose which routines made sense for me and […]


Living Between the Events

I am a goal-oriented person. I’m constantly working towards something. A garage sale. A trip. A move. A deadline. It’s not that I don’t enjoy the journey as much as the destination, but I enjoy a journey with direction so much more than aimless wandering. But I think real happiness – real peace – is […]