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How to Make Yourself Smaller (And Why It’s a Good Skill to Learn)

everyone deserves a chance to shine

Everyone deserves time and space to shine.


How to Stop Worrying About Everyone Else\'s Happiness


How do you stop worrying about whether your friends and family are happy? You know you should, but HOW?


How to Be Seen and Heard: Look and Listen

Hot Spring Vents 4

We all want to be seen and heard, but it can be just as healing to look and listen to someone else.


Seek First to Understand

a light

In the wake of the Newtown tragedy, I am shocked by all the certainty I see on Facebook and Twitter; the mass murder of children leaves me certain of nothing and questioning everything.


How to Get Along with Someone Who Voted for the Other Guy

how to get along with someone who voted for the other guy

Learn to listen and find common ground with people you liked before the election season.


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