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Today Is Totally Normal

be here now

My schedule is a mess. My sleep patterns are out of whack. I keep forgetting to eat and then binging on whatever the hell I can get my hands on when I realize my stomach is eating itself from the inside out. I have, in other words, been better. But this is to be expected. […]


Finding Happiness in Loss

holding my dads hand

The week your dad dies is not what you’d normally consider happy, and yet I don’t have to look hard to find moments worth highlighting.


Happiness Highlights: My Husband, My Kids, My Friend

I  never get tired of this view.

My husband loves me, my kids don’t hate me, and my friend took me to a baseball game.


How Diana Got Her Groove Back (And Found Her Passion)

havanese clyde and hunter

Diana went searching for a pet to fill her empty nest; she found a passion and sense of purpose.


I Called Because He’s Dying

britt rick wedding smaller

After five years without speaking to one of my parents, I finally had a reason to pick up the phone.