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Life List #9: Wear a Dress I Made. Check!

life list sewing project

I took on a new challenge from my life list and tried my hand at sewing. I usually love learning how to do something different, but this project turned out to be harder than I thought it would! Did it make me happier?


Happiness Highlights: Coming Full Circle in San Francisco


One summer night in 2010, I scared the crap out of my husband by whispering in the dark that I wanted to take off and travel for a year. His first thought was that I meant alone, without him and the kids. Once he figured out (a few days later) that I intended for us […]


For Those Who Aren’t Ambitious


My husband wrote a post yesterday that I think was very brave; he published his own life list. When I wrote my life list, it took a certain amount of courage for me to acknowledge all of my big dreams. I worried about appearing grandiose more than I thought about dying with anything undone. People […]


Life Lists: Having the Courage to Dream

life lists

A woman named Maggie did not invent the concept of Life Lists, but she did make them a thing on the Internet. She launched an Internet meme when she published her own Life List, and then she hosted a “summit” that evolved into a conference. Although I’ve seen a few of my friends participate in […]


Life Is Not a To-Do List

I adore the concept of bucket lists. I love reading “life lists” my friends have posted online. In theory, I think the idea of keeping a running tally of things you want to do before you die is fantastic. In reality, I have to consciously, forcefully prevent myself from making a life list of my […]