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Lessons on Courage From Little League


Courage sometimes strikes out. A lot.


How to Be Happier: Lessons from a Cater Waiter

at your service

There are opportunities for happiness everywhere, even at a second job.


Life Is Not a To-Do List

I adore the concept of bucket lists. I love reading “life lists” my friends have posted online. In theory, I think the idea of keeping a running tally of things you want to do before you die is fantastic. In reality, I have to consciously, forcefully prevent myself from making a life list of my […]



Sometimes it’s subtle. Other times blatant and bitter. And other times still it’s simply a longing that I am all too familiar with. It must be nice, they say. It must be nice to travel. It must be nice to have weekends with the girls. It must be nice to live grand adventures and dramatic […]


What Do You Want To Do With Your Life?

Today? Tomorrow? When you grow up? When the kids move out? When you get married or divorced? What do you want to do with your life? When are you planning to do it? —————————————————————————————- Today’s guest posts at: Finn’s (When I Grow Up…) and Modern Mami (Raising Boys and Girls)


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