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How Renting Makes Me Re-Evaluate Who I Am


I’ve been surprised to learn how much the label homeowner meant to me. What other labels do we value?


Portrait of a Mother


She answered the door wearing neither makeup nor shoes. She wore a t-shirt and cut off denim shorts and a closely cropped haircut that was devoid of any styling product.  She smiled as she opened her home to me and quietly invited me in.  She seemed a little meek and unsure of how to greet […]


I wonder why you don’t hate me.

It started happening when I was in highschool. I’d be hanging out with my friends on the gym floor, our books and papers scattered around us on the half court line of the basketball floor, our teenage limbs sprawled across coats and bags. We were supposed to be doing homework and waiting our turn, but […]


Sundays are for Legalized Prostitution

I’ve been thinking about Sundays lately. You see, normally I go to Church on Sundays. Where “normally” equals “if you had asked me 10 months ago what I do on Sundays”. When I moved to Florida, one of the first things I did was seek out a Catholic Church close to my home and start […]