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Can you be color blind and diverse at the same time?

Follow the link chain with me for a minute while I lead you down the path that caused me to question whether or not I was a closet racist. Or something. I was reading my wonderful friend Shari’s post about her experience at Blissdom. (No, this is not a post about Blissdom.) In this post, […]


Yes, there was an $800 bill

I have to be honest with you. I’m really behind from the quick trip down to Miami and my head is… well… fucked, at the moment. A good friend has finally made the decision to accept hospice care, and it’s difficult not to think or write about everything through the murky film of that news. […]


My Little Grey Buddy

I have to confess, my brain is mush. I have been fighting with WordPress code all. damn. night and I still can’t figure out how to get a thumbnail in my sidebar that will automatically update and post to the most recent post on my photo blog. Did I mention I’m starting a photo blog? […]