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Monetizing Pain

I spent my weekend at a conference about making money online. Correction. I spent half my weekend sitting in a conference about making money online thinking, what the hell am I doing here?, and sending an incessant amount of snarky, bitchy, annoying tweets. I spent the other half of my weekend holed up in my […]


Dolphin Bubbles at SeaWorld – cool or sad?

I’m not usually a zoo person. In fact, if it wasn’t for the kids I would never set foot in a zoo again. I’ve talked about this before but the short version is: my mother ruined zoos for me. Zoos and Indian Pow Wows. Scarred for life. Thanks, Mom. ANYway, considering my aversion to standing […]


Orlando TweetUp: nobody told me this was a professional party

Last Thursday night, I attended the Orlando TweetUp hosted by the Orlando Sentinel in… wait for it… Orlando. Let me tell you about how I wanted to die. First of all, thank GOD I was meeting Shash, Susan from EggMarketing and Melanie from ModernMami there. The three of them were the sum total of the […]


I Fear This May Be The End For Us

Listen, I have some things to tell you and you’re not going to like it. And to be honest with you? It’s taken me about 5 false starts just to get this post out. Because I so very much want you to like this place. But sometimes… well, sometimes I just have to take a […]


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