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Remember those shoes you didn’t buy that now match everything you own? It’s like that.

I still remember them. They were the perfect shade of gray, exactly what I’d been dreaming about for months.  The slouch at the ankle was perfect; the heel height was sexy but comfortable.  I started at them through the window for several minutes before finally walking into the store so that I could run my […]


What I Saw On My Birthday – A Video


So, there are tons and tons of pictures and stories to tell from my 30th birthday party. But, well, um, I’m still kind of too busy to put all those together for you.  So instead, I’m going to be really lazy and show you the video that was played during my birthday party. Miss Britt’s […]


Truth In Blogging: Some People Are Bitches

I’m not perfect. None of you are surprised to hear that, I know.  But my point is that not only am I not perfect, but I have no desire to appear perfect.  Not to you or anyone. There’s too much pressure in perfection.  Besides, most people know it’s a lie, don’t they?  I know I […]


What To Say When You Don’t Know What To Say

I spent most of the day Monday pissed off. I didn’t have one specific reason.  I was just… annoyed.  I was frustrated with passive aggressive behavior being directed around me – because the point of passive aggressive is that it’s never direct exactly at you.  I was ticked off thinking about crappy friends.  I was […]


Decoder Rings Do Not Come With Comments

There is no good way to ease into this. My husband, Jared, and I have decided to separate for 3 months. No, we’re not getting divorced.  Yes, I understand that separation is, in many instances, the “first step towards a divorce”.  And it is, if I’m being honest, a possible outcome here.  But it is […]